Opie’s Story

I was knee-deep in stinky chicken guts years ago on an old job I had at a chicken factory, when I decided I wanted to start my own company.

I was sick of people telling me how much money I was going to make. How much money was enough to be able to support my family? I had to climb out of the situation I was in, no matter how hard it would be.

I had always wanted to do something technical, and I determined I wanted to do heating and air conditioning. So I started burning the candle at both ends and going to school too. I figured I didn’t have a choice. I HAD to do it.

Image of Opie

That business started as Opie’s Plumbing Heating and Air, and is now Opie’s Gold.

After years of serving thousands of Minnesotan families, I started getting discontented with how expensive heating and air conditioning services were for people.

Why should you have to repair your system over and over due to extreme weather seasons…

… and THEN have to buy a whole new system anyway after it completely dies on you?

I started realizing how much of a money drain it was on families, and I was determined to make it less expensive to maintain such vital necessities as heat and air in your home.

So, I thought how can I lower the cost?

What if I could make it affordable for everyone to have maximum heat and air comfort all the time, AND the absolute best systems that keep you happy and healthy in your home, without you ever having to pay for a repair or buy a new system AGAIN?

“We might have to do something totally new.”

I now am proud to present to you, from the seed of an idea that started germinating long ago to now the greatest heating and air conditioning service in the entire country – Opie’s Gold.

Opie’s Gold Beliefs

  • We believe you should NEVER go without heat or air conditioning.
  • We believe it’s only fair to offer SAME DAY REPAIR.
  • We believe WE should pay for your repair if we’re ever late.
  • We believe in answering our phone every hour and day of the year.
  • We believe in free in-home consultations.
  • We believe in giving you all your options, and always shooting straight with you.
  • We believe in spending extra time and our money to get it right, the FIRST time, no matter what.
  • We believe in leaving YOUR home cleaner than when we arrived.
  • We believe in guaranteeing everything we do, 100%.
  • We believe you should never have to buy another heating and air conditioning system again.
  • That’s why we believe in Opie’s Gold Family Plan.
  • And we believe there’s no better way than the Opie’s Gold way.

We Believe there’s no better way than the Opie’s Gold way.

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