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  • Pay NOTHING up front
  • No repair costs, EVER
  • All maintenance included
  • New system every 10 years
  • Pay between $85 and $249/month
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If you’re having air conditioner issues, call 320-298-4444.

Opie’s is standing by 24/7 to help you beat the heat.

New Systems, Opie’s Way

I told you my story before. I HAD to come up with a way to make it affordable for everyone to have maximum heat and air comfort all the time, AND the absolute best systems, without them ever having to pay for a repair or buy a new system AGAIN.

Now we’re doing something nobody else has ever had the guts to do before. Truly put the individual, the family, the customer – FIRST.

When you’re part of Opie’s Gold Family, you NEVER have pay for repairs or new systems again.

It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Pay NOTHING up front, and then between $85 and $249/month and you’re GOLDEN.

If your furnace or air conditioner ever breaks down for good? We replace it with a super high-quality, brand new air conditioner or furnace.

If you ever need any kind of repair? We come out same-day to fix you right up.

If you move to a totally different part of our service area? We go with you.

Priority Service

You will ALWAYS be moved to the front of the line when you need help. We get flooded with calls when it gets extremely hot or cold as that’s when most air conditioner and furnace breakdowns happen. No matter how busy we are, as a member of Opie’s Gold Family YOU are always our first priority and we guarantee same day service.


We do two Opiefications a year to keep your air conditioner and furnace working like new. Since dust and debris causes 95% of all breakdowns, our total recalibration of your heating and air conditioning system helps prevent breakdowns. We believe the endless comfort you deserve in your own home should never be interrupted.

Saves You Big Money

By making sure your air conditioner and furnace are working at maximum efficiency, you’ll also save BIG money (up to 25%!) on utility bills all year long. And a machine that runs that efficient has been shown to last up to twice as long.

That’s good for you. It’s frankly, also the only way we can afford to do this. We have to maintain your heat and air system in peak condition to save you the most money, and keep you the most comfortable so we can afford to charge you this little.

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